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4 pcs 3/4"x 24" non skid traction cleats clear

Non-Skid Anti-Slip Safety Strip
Premium Grade 60 Grit Anti Slip Tape
Constructed from a thick PVC base layer impregnated with an aggressive 60-grit mineral abrasive compound.
The backing has an aggressive acrylic adhesive system for longevity that will form a strong, water-proof bond to most any clean, dry surface.
Our anti slip safety tapes MEET OR EXCEED: OSHA Spec 1910.24 Stair tread, OSHA Spec 1910.26.
(Peel backing and place on a clean, dry, oil-free, smooth surface)
An excellent and cost effective choice for commercial, industrial and residential indoor and outdoor non slip tape applications.
Great on all types of trailers, ramps, playgrounds, RV's, stairs, ladders, work areas, construction machinery, vehicles, machine shops, hazardous floors, lawn equipment, and trucks.

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