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Stirrer bearing, 29/26, 10MM jacketed, lab glass

LabGlass Jacketed Stirrer Bearing Only
A LabGlass (now known as Wilmad-LabGlass ) glass sleeve jacketed bearing with a 10mm inner diameter. The joint is a 29/26, which is a shorter version, yet has the same taper as, a 29/42 joint.
Used, but in excellent condition. All marks seen on the glass are from the camera flash. No cracks and the stirrer shaft shows almost no wear at all. The upper inlet has a very small chip on the tip. The tabulation progresses from 8.5 mm to 10.3 mm.
A caption on the upper right corner of the photo, with the bearing plugged into a female 29/42 joint, is shown to help with assessment of use of this bearing with 29/42 glassware.
This listing is for one piece of glassware - the jacketed bearing on the bottom of the photo only.
-Our previously used glassware and equipment is cleaned before sale. However, all glassware/labware should be carefully cleaned before use, with regard to the process to be undertaken. Even brand new glassware should be cleaned, as it is typically slightly alkaline from manufacture.