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Dwyer mfg.# 1227 flex-tube manometer

Dwyer Mfg.# 1227 Flex-Tube Manometer NIB
1227 Dwyer Dual Range Flex-Tube U-Inclined Manometer
Dual Range Flex-Tube U-Inclined Manometer
0-16" Water with 1" Major Divisions, .2" Minor Divisions
Scale is 17" Long, Reading .20-0-2.6" Water with .02" Minor Divisions
Use Series 1227 as a regular U-tube manometer to read high-range pressure on the right leg, or as an inclined manometer to read low-range pressure on the bottom leg. Simply incline manometer until fluid levels read zero. No spirit level required. Magnetic clips hold the gage in position on a steel duct surface.
Most versatile and useful low cost manometer we know of. Designed for installation and servicemen. A sturdy, clear plastic manometer, it offers single, direct readings in two ranges: As a U-tube, it reads from 0 to 16" of water; as an inclined gage, it reads from -.20 to 0 to 2.6" of water. Model 1227M (Metric) is 0 - 400 mm water column as a U-tube and -5 to 0 to 70 mm water column as an inclined gage. "How-to-use" instructions are printed directly on the scale.
Clear .400" O.D. tough, shatterproof butyrate. Pressure connection end is bent to provide over pressure protection when used as an inclined gage. One 4-1/2' x 3/8" Tygon tube included for pressure source connection.
Stark white high-impact styrene, 21" long. Adjustable for precise zeroing.
1" major, .2" minor graduations on high range; .02" graduations on low range (50 mm major, 10 mm minor graduations on high range, 10 mm major, 1 mm minor graduations on low range for metric model). Silkscreened in black on stark white for positive definition. Acrylic-coated for permanence.
Two plastic carrying plugs with retainers for use when manometers are not in service. Two magnetic clips to hold instrument to metal surface. Flexible red vinyl plastic tubing connectors. Brass terminal tube 1/4" diameter X 8" long. One terminal tube holder. Brass adapter, 1/8" pipe thread to plastic tubing. One 4-1/2' length of Tygon plastic tubing. One 3/4 ounce bottle .826 sp. gr. red gage fluid. Vinyl carrying case.
Dual Range Flex-Tube U-Inclined Manometer