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Philips 9350 portable dictation unit "complete"

Philips 9350 Portable Voice Recorder
The Philips 9350 Digital Pocket Memo with Download to PC is a powerful easy-to-use digital dictation tool that allows automatic or manual transferral of voice data to your PC, while maintaining superb sound quality.
You get the same functionality as with a tape-based system, but there are no tapes. The Philips 9350 eliminates the need to hand your dictation to a typist, making transcription straightforward and efficient.
* 4-Position Switch for single-handed use enables you to continue working in the most familiar way.
* Workflow Management capability enables definition of 5x 10 keywords.
* Exchangeable Multimedia/SD Card for simple, efficient data transfer, and flexibility when on the move.
* DSS file format: This industry standard file format for digital recording devices offers minimum file sizes whilst maintaining crystal clear sound quality.
* End-of-Letter Index to mark a dictation file as finished and to automatically generate a new file.
* Priority Index to mark a dictation file as urgent.
* Voice-Activated Recording for hands-free dictation.
* Internal Recharge option enables rechargeable batteries to be replenished during use, when connected to the mains power supply (use only Philips rechargeable batteries 9144).
* Backlit LC-Display makes reading the display in poor light conditions easier.
* Two Display settings allowing selection which information should be displayed on the screen (numeric or graphical).
* 3 Level Adjustable Microphone Sensitivity for conference or close range recordings.
* Easy, automatic download of dictations to your PC via USB connection (10 min. dictation in 1.5 sec.).
* E-mail function for manual and automatic dictation transfer.
Transport Lock avoids unintentional operation.
USB mass storage device: The Multimedia Card can be used to store data as well as voice recordings.
Double-sided aluminum casing for extra durability.
Two-color LED indicator shows record/play status.
LC-Display shows creation time/date, size of the dictation file, operating mode and battery status.
Warning tone signals low/full memory and low battery to avoid dictation loss.
Standard Play/Long Play modes of recording to suit the user s preferences.
Standard USB audio device for direct dictation to your PC.
Power Save Mode: Sleep mode after 4 minutes without dictation, switch off after 2 hours without dictation.
32 MB Multimedia Card holds up to 8 hours of recorded speech
Download/Configuration software
2x AAA batteries Compare at

Philips 9350 portable dictation unit Philips 9350 portable dictation unit