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Thermo forma ventilated microcentrifuge gp series

Thermo Forma Ventilated MicroCentrifuge GP Series
Unit of Measure Each Product Code: THMO055210F
* Thermo Forma Ventilated MicroCentrifuge GP Series Model 5521
* The MicroCentrifuge is a quiet, high speed bench-top centrifuge for medical, industrial, and scientific laboratories. This unit can achieve centrifugal force of up to 17,000 xg, making it ideal for sedimentation of protein precipitates and separation of blood serum.
* The unit reaches full speed within 15 seconds, even when fully loaded, and brakes to a stop in approximately 15 seconds. It features a maintenance-free, brushless motor and easy-to-use front panel that provides three versatile modes of operation: automatic timed in, momentary spin (pulse), and continuous operation (hold mode). Acceleration and deceleration rates may be controlled to optimize runs - rapid for fast separations and slow for delicate samples. Repeat runs with precisely the same speed and time settings may be achieved at the touch of a button.
* The MicroCentrifuge is a variable-speed unit with a range of 1,000 to 13,500 RPM. The unit accommodates lightweight, dynamically balanced polyproylene rotors. The rotors cannot corrode, offer excellent acceleration and deceleration characteristics and totally contain tubes, allowing complete sample recovery even if tube breaks.
* A fail-safe cover interlock ensures that the cover is closed before a run can begin and keeps the cover closed until the rotor has reached a safe low speed (below 150 rpm), even in the event of a power failure.