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60" large format poster printer dye sub heat transfer

Toolssales 60 Large Format Poster Printer dye sub heat transfer ink printer
This printer suitable for very large size (60 width ) graphic printing at 600 dpi x 600 dpi
This printer can work as regular graphic/drawing printer for paper, poster output.
This printer special design and work conjunction with our roller heat press to complete the dye-sub heat transfer work flow.
Large scale output advertisement, fabric, flag, color banner, display, large road sign, pad etc.
The printer has total 8 ink reservior, each has 500ml + capacity and total 4 liter ink capacity. User will inter change between ink supply by switching the ink line from one tank to another, and start the printing while refill the empty ink tank. This design minimized the down time of refill ink tank.
you can use the dye-sub ink and print on typical photo paper, then transfer the large size graphic by our Roller heat press machine, this will allow very large graphic display print on fabric, or other soft bendable material
Please ask about the dye-sub ink type to use with the machine.
we also had large poster edge bonding machine.
Draft pattern: Ink head 2 PASS, Speed: 9. 0square meter /hour
General quality pattern: Ink head 3 PASS speed: 7. 8square meter/hour
Production pattern: Ink head 4 PASS speed: 5.9square meter/hour
High quality pattern: ink head 6PASS 4.2square meter/hour
Paper width:61-152cm(24-60inches)
Maximum rolled paper weight:27kg
LCD manual Operation language:
English, Chinese, Korean, Japanese, French, German, Spanish, Italian, Portuguese
4 litler capacity continuously supplies ink system
Suitable ink: All ENCAD QIS indoor and outdoor ink
Suitable medium: equvient ENCAD QIS as well as many kinds of inside and outside medium accommodating
Printing resolving power: 600X600dpi or 300X300dpi
Power source:General 90-246VAC, 47~63Hz
Power consumption: Idling 20w General 185W Maximum 280W Dryer 350W
Noise level: Operating environment: 15"C-35"C 10%-70%Relative humidity
Storage environment:-2l"C-60"C 10%-70%Relative humidity

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