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MK4 + 4 MM130 3A unipolar stepper motor controller

The MM130 is a microprocessor controlled Single Axis 3A/phase unipolar microstepping Stepper driver. The MM130 supports full, half, quarter, one eigth and one sixteenth micro stepping. An onboard ATmega168 8bit RISC microprocessor interprets commands sent to the driver on a parallel header. The MM130 is capable of 24-40V operation. Logic power of 5VDC must be supplied to the board. A potentiometer sets driver current. A large heat sink keeps the driver chip cool during heavy loads. Step, direction, I2C SDA, I2C SCL, limit switch and eStop inputs are fed to the onboard processor that in turn controls the driver chip. The MM130 is designed for high performance unipolar stepping applications. The MM130 is ideal for small mill and lathe CNC applications.
The MM130 has an I2C TWI port. Software on the onboard ATmega168 processor recognizes commands sent to the MM130 via the I2C port. The MM130 has a single line G Code like command set so it is possible to send linear motion control commands directly to the MM130 and have the ATmega168 drive the driver chip directly. Alternatively step/direction signals can be sent directly to the device.
The MM130 can be driven by the MK1, MK4, MK5, MK54 or MK200 Stepper Motor Controllers. The MK1 is a simple breakout board. The MK4 and MK5 are 4 and 5 axis controllers that route a PC parallel port DB25 signals to each of the driver ports, limit switchs and auxiliary IO. The MK54 is a integrated G Code controller with USB 2.0, CAN and 100BaseT Ethernet interfaces. MK200 is a 4-axis Integrated G Code controller with a 400MHz Blackfin DSP processor.
The MK4 is a 4-axis stepper motor breakout controller with a DB25 PC parallel port compatible port. The MK4 routes parallel port signals to the 4 stepper motor driver ports. The MK4 has 4 limit switch inputs, eStop input and four auxiliary open collector outputs. The MK4 requires an external 9VDC power adapter. The MK4 supplies power to the MM130 drivers. A free application (GStepPP.exe) is available for download from our web site that allows the user to change the step mode of each MM130 through the parallel port.
The MK4 and MM120's are all you need to start CNCing.
For MM130 technical information (pdf): MM130 Technical Reference Manual
For MK4 technical information (pdf): MK4 Technical Reference Manual
* Single Axis unipolar stepper motor driver
* 1, 2, 4, 1/8, 1/16 microstepping modes supported
* PC parallel port compatible interface (DB25)
* Four auxiliary open collector outputs
* I2C communications feature
* CPLD signal remapping possible
* 9VDC input from external source
Watch a video of the MK4 and MM130's (inside the SMC685 Integrated Controller)
driving an SOC Robotics SCARA Robot prototype:

MK4 + 4 MM130 3A unipolar stepper motor controller MK4 + 4 MM130 3A unipolar stepper motor controller MK4 + 4 MM130 3A unipolar stepper motor controller MK4 + 4 MM130 3A unipolar stepper motor controller