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NEW36" master tc-3000 vinyl cutter plotter flexistarter

with FlexiStarter 8.6 Contour cutting Version
If you are looking for a piece of high performance vinyl cutter equipment, with full loaded features, meets your daily volume projects, and wouldn't break your bank.
Then your looking is over. This is it.
Master TC-3000 Vinyl cutter with Floor stand
The Latest FlexiStarter 8.6 Version
with security dongle key, no internet connection needs to run the software
Free fonts & Clipart CD (with over 2000 fonts and 3000 ready to cut cliparts)
Check below the all new features that come with Master TC-3000.
Master TC-3000 works on Windows 7 all versions (64bit or 32bit), Vista, XP, and windows 2000
Large data buffer is critical when processing complicated designs or over 10' long projects. And with TC-3000, you can be sure your job will be handled well.
** this software requires your software support contour cutting feature.
Flexi, EasySign, SignLab, SignGO Pro (lite), Xpel, Tint-Tek 20/20, and more.
** Software are optional, see the item listing for details.
** This package comes with the latest flexi starter 8.6 version with dongle key, no internet connection needs to run the software.
Is FlexiStarter 8.6 right for you?
If has been using other design software for years, such as Coreldraw, or Illustrator, then Flexistarter 8.6 is the right package for you.
FlexiStarter 8.6 will open your other design software's file perfectly and then send them out the TC-3000 and cut them out.
Flexistarter 8.6 has the industry most easy to use interface, and best of all, you can even change the flexistarter's interface to the one your familar with.
For example, you can change flexistarter's interface to Coreldraw's interface, and even the shortcut function keys are 99% match with coreldraw. This feature will tremendously reduce the time to learn new software. With Flexistarter 8.6, you dont even need to learn, as you already know how to use it.
FlexiStarter 8.6 major features
(Adobe Illustrator AI(CS), EPS, DXF, DWG, CDR,PLT, JPG, PSD, TIFF, PNG,PCX,BMP, WMF,CMX, etc)
Flexi 5/6/7/8 files Import/Export
Deskew Horizontal/Deskew Vertical
Hold or Delete Job after Sending
Production Manager is the cutting control software that comes all the higher flexi software. It is the most powerful and professional cutting control software so far on the market. Check it out some advanced features of Production Manager, which comes with flexistarter 8.6.
1. Material group box., which you can choose the material width you're going to use
2. Sending mode., Which you can control send the job right now, or send it on hold list, or save it a plt file.
6. Positioning tools., Which you can mirror, rotate your job.
On right side color palette bar, you can choose cutting by colors.
3. Overlap group box.which you can control the overlap between panels.
4. Panel tools., Which you can control which panel you want to cut