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Nelson 9.6" x 4" x 3" plw firestop pillow safety orange

Nelson 9.6" x 4" x 3" PLW Firestop Pillow Safety Orange
Nelson Firestop Pillow (PLW ) is a compressible firestop device that is well suited for installations where frequent changes may be required. PLW consists of a mineral fiber treated with a highly intumescent material enclosed in a strong polyethylene bag. When exposed to fire, the pillows expand to lock the seal in place. Even though PLW is classified as a permanent firestop system for several applications including steel and aluminum cable trays, PLW also is an excellent temporary seal.
Nelson Firestop Pillow (PLW ) is ideally suited for applications for cable tray penetrations or temporary closures requiring fire rating integrity. Install Nelson PLW into areas where the surfaces are clean and free of dust, grease, oil, loose materials, rust or other substances. Pillows may be coated with cable pulling lubricant for ease of installation. Tightly pack the pillows and insert lengthwise into openings. Actual installation should be in accordance with the appropriate Nelson application system drawing.
Underwriters Laboratories Inc., Fill, Void or Cavity Material (XHHW) and (XHHW7), Factory Mutual (FM)
* No Disagreeable Toxic or Hazardous Fumes
* Hazardous Ingredients: None
* Activation Temp.: Initial >275 F (135 C)
* k - Value: 0.25 BTU in./hr. sq. ft. F
* Polyethylene Thickness: 4 mils
* ASTM E119 and UL263, Fire Tests of Building Construction and Materials
* ASTM E814 and UL1479, Test method for through stop fire penetrations.

Nelson 9.6