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Xerox M20I multifunction copier/network print, fax,scan

Quick Facts - WorkCentre M20/M20i
* Maximum paper capacity of 1,200 sheets with 3 paper trays including the bypass tray.
Competitive Edge - WorkCentre M20/M20i
* Full duplex is standard in copy and print modes.
* 50 Sheet Duplex Automatic Document Handler allows you to copy, scan and fax large jobs and 2-sided documents.
* Powerful fax features include high-speed modem, JBIG compression, color or black and white transmission, speed dials and group dials. Fax 2-sided documents automatically and also print incoming faxes 2-sided.
* Secure fax which holds faxes in memory and will not print until the user releases.
* Scan-once-print-many technology. Competitive products require scanning twice for 2-sided originals.
* Scan up to 8.5"x14" from the glass.
* The paper trays have a capacity of 550 sheets, so you can re-load a full ream of 500 sheets when the tray is low.
* A wide array of tools to remotely view status, manage and administer the device.
Features that Reduce Cost - WorkCentre M20/M20i
* 2-sided printing and copying so you save on paper costs.
* Scan-to-email to distribute copies instead of hardcopy saves paper and time.
* ID Card Copy allows copying of both sides of an ID or small document onto one sheet of paper saving paper and time.
* Create Booklet reduces the size of each page by 50% and prints two pages per side in 2-sided mode, saving paper and time.
* Toner saving mode to print all solid areas as a shade of gray instead of black saving toner consumption.
* Toll-save faxing allows you to fax at a later time when the rates may be lower.
Features that Save Time - WorkCentre M20/M20i
* ControlCentre enables Fax options and features to be setup and viewed remotely using a PC.
* Remote management - embedded web server allows you to monitor the device from your PC.
* Interrupt to allow the local user the ability to quickly run a copy job, despite the presence of other jobs in the system.
* Print reports to quickly get information like billing meters, system data, fax reports, scheduled jobs and email reports.
* Email address book available at the device so you get the addresses right the first time without the need to type it in.
* Optical Character Recognition & Image Editing Software are included to convert scanned images into editable text documents.
* Push buttons gives you quick access to commonly used office features like 2-sided, Reduce/Enlarge, Collated, Lighter/Darker, Resolution and Color Originals.
Features that Enhance Productivity - WorkCentre M20/M20i
* Secure Print and Network Authentication Kit provides a higher level of document and network access security.
* Watermarks provide the ability to print text, such as "Draft" or "Confidential," in the background of every page of a document.
* N-Up Printing enables printing of more than one page on a single sheet. One-up, two-up, or as many as 16-up printing on the same page. This environmentally friendly feature decreases the consumption of paper and toner.
* Fax forwarding to another fax or to email addresses.
* Poster printing feature automatically resizes your document so it prints across multiple sheets, which can be joined together to form a big poster.
* Booklet Printing reduces the size of each page by 50% and prints two pages per side. The pages are printed in the correct order so the document can be folded and stapled to form a booklet.
* Covers allow you to feed the front and back pages of the document from a different media tray.
* AutoFit automatically scales a page to best fit the sheet size of the media in the designated input tray.
* Edge erase can be used to 'clean up' the edges of an original e.g. if it is frayed or has hole punch or staple marks.
* Transparency interleave allows you to insert either blank or printed dividers.
* Clone allows you to print multiple images on a single sheet of paper. The number of images produced is determined automatically based on the original image size.
* ControlCentre provides access to the device through a PC interface to manage paper trays, obtain meter information, fax setup capabilities and to upgrade firmware.
* Centreware Web, Centreware DP, Novell NDPS, HP Openview also available to allow remote administration and monitoring/reporting capabilities.